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Seamless data and model management, experiment tracking, visualization and automation, with Git as your single source of truth. Studio is free for small teams and individual contributors.

Combine the powers of leading open-source tools:

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Built for ML researchers, practitioners, and managers


Model Registry for Machine Learning

Use your Git repositories to build a model registry with model versioning, lineage, and lifecycle management.

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Enable model organization and discovery across all your ML projects. Manage model lifecycle with Git, unifying ML projects with the best DevOps practices. Use your favorite interface - GUI, CLI or API.

ML experiment tracking, visualization, and collaboration

Iterative Studio performs your ML bookkeeping automatically, to provide your team easy and efficient knowledge sharing and collaboration.

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Get quick access to important metrics across multiple projects. Visualize and compare ML models. Use GitHub/GitLab/Bitbucket for ML teams, along with your own cloud and remote storage for your data and models.

Software engineering stack for ML teams

Apply proven best-practices across domains, and ensure optimum utilization of skills and resources.

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Don’t reinvent the wheel. Use existing know-how of Git and CI/CD to keep your code, data and model connected at all times. DVC versions data and models right in Git repositories, and CML orchestrates resources in the cloud or Kubernetes.

Automation of your ML process

Iterate faster, and lower risks by transitioning to an intuitive no-code interface. Bridge the gap between data scientists, software engineers and managers, once and for all.

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Mature ML teams reuse their code over and over again while tuning data and params. Iterate faster by transitioning to a no-code environment - use a visual UI to make and deploy changes instead of manually updating code each time.

On the roadmap

Keep an eye out for new features around model and data registries for your ML data to facilitate data discoverability and security.

Plans and pricing



Free for small teams up to 2 members

  • Unlimited repositories
  • Integration with popular Git providers
  • Integration with on-premises GitLab
  • Sharing projects
  • Running experiments
  • Plots visualization
  • Data-centric comparison of experiments
  • Integration with common cloud providers
  • Granular Access Control
  • Authentication via popular Git providers and emails
  • Model registry NEW


$40 per team member monthly

Collaboration on Machine Learning projects for teams of any size

Everything in Free plan, plus:

  • Unlimited collaborators
Most suitable for teams


$99 per team member monthly

Basic plan with added MLOps services and support

Everything in Basic plan, plus:

  • Priority support
  • Onboarding
  • Customer success
  • Quarterly review of MLOps goals


For a large teams collaboration with security requirements

Everything in Teams plan, plus:

  • Flexible deployment (our VPC, your VPC, on-premises)
  • Dedicated ML solution architect and professional services

We offer discounts to active DVC/CML teams, nonprofits, and educational institutions for Enterprise plan. Reach out to learn more.

Compare features

Price$0 $40 per team member monthly$99 per team member monthlyCustom price *
Team membersUp to 2 per teamPurchased amountPurchased amountPurchased amount
Hosting and installationFreeBasicTeamsEnterprise
Integration with,,
Integration with on-premises GitLab
Integration with on-premises GitHub and Bitbucket (requires on-premises Studio installation)
Flexible deployment
(our VPC, your VPC, on-premises)
Number of Git repositories that can be connectedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Sharing projects with teams/public
Running experiments
Plots visualisation
Data-centric comparison of experiments
Integration with common cloud providers including AWS, GCP, Azure and Kubernetes
Model RegistryNEW
Data Catalog for structured (csv, parquet) and unstructured (images, audio) datasoon
Granular Access Control
(Read, Write, Admin)
Authentication via GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket and email
Community support
Email support
Priority support
Dedicated ML solution architect and professional servicesLimited



up to 2



per team member monthly



per team member monthly


custom price

* We offer discounts to active DVC/CML teams, nonprofits, and educational institutions for Enterprise plan.
Reach out to learn more.